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Commercial Sink & Floor Strainers | Ecolab Food Safety Solutions

Commercial Drain Protection Solutions

Foreign objects in your drains can lead to serious plumbing problems and expensive repair bills. Fortunately, Ecolab has two new solutions to make it easier than ever to protect your drains. Made from rugged plastic and stainless steel hardware, these cost–effective products help keep debris out of your drains leaving them clear, flowing, and hassle-free

durable strainer to protect commercial floor drains

Large Safety Basket

Larbe Safety Baskets provides an easy, quick, and clean way to trap and discard food and foreign debris from commercial floor drains.

durable strainer to protect commercial sink


The DrainShield is a highly durable strainer that locks in place to protect all commercial sinks with a 3-1/2” drain opening. Easily installed using a high-security T#27 bit to prevent tampering (included.)

protect floor sink drains

3” Low Profile Locking Dome Strainer

The Locking Dome Strainer has more drain openings than a flat floor sink strainer and catches smaller objects and debris without stopping up the drain lines.

locking cross strainer

Locking Cross Strainer

The Cross Straineris a simple yet effective way to prevent the unauthorized removal of floor drain covers. Fits most drains with a 3- 1/2 inch opening. (Locking Dome Strainer not included.)

Drain Cleaning and Maintenance Supplies

While shields and strainers are effective at keeping out debris, drains still require periodic cleaning to prevent buildup. Ecolab not only provides tools to clean your drains, we offer a wide selection of personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep your employees safe from potentially hazardous materials that can reside in your drains.

prevent chemical backsplash in foodservice operations


Used in conjunction with commercial floor drain brushes, the SplashGuard is a simple, yet innovative design protects workers by preventing chemical backsplash. Recommended for use with our 1” diameter Floor Drain Brush Handle and Floor Drain Brush Head.