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Food Rotation Labeling Guide

Daydots™ Label Adhesive Guide


Food rotation is an essential component of any foodservice operation and can help ensure foods are fresh, of the highest quality, and are safe to serve. Using an effective labeling program can help keep product loss to a minimum, helping to control costs while maximizing operational efficiency.


Only the highest quality materials are used to make Daydots labels. Available in four adhesives, Daydots are suitable for any application you need.


What label material is best for your application?



Daydots DuraLabel™ Food Rotation Labels


Save on cleanup time and help eliminate bacteria-harboring adhesive buildup and residue with our unique plastic and waterproof DuraLabel labels.

  • Waterproof, removable plastic
  • Leaves no label residue even after washing
  • Ungummed Peel E-Z Edge™ or Pull Tab for easy removal


DuraLabel Daydots are the best solution when

  • Adhesive buildup is an issue
  • Remembering to remove labels from containers before washing is an issue
  • Working near steam or steam tables, in coolers and freezers



Daydots SupeRemovable™ Food Rotation Labels

Save on cleanup time and help eliminate bacteria-harboring adhesive buildup and residue with Daydots SupeRemovable labels.

  • Versatile, multipurpose
  • Effective on metal, glass or plastic containers
  • Removes easily and cleanly
  • Leaves no sticky residue when removed before washing
  • Low-cost
  • Useful in most foodservice environments


SupeRemovable Daydots are the best solution when

  • When trained staff members remove labels before washing
  • Works great on most packaging or containers
  • When permanent labels are not necessary



Daydots Cold Temp Food Rotation Labels

Daydots Cold Temp labels are paper labels that have permanent adhesive featuring high initial tack and ultimate bond strength to a wide variety of substrates, including low surface energy plastics, glass, and corrugated cardboard.

  • Excellent for items where label removal is not necessary
  • Strong adhesion in cold temperatures


Cold Temp Daydots are the best solution when you need

  • An inexpensive option for labeling disposable items
  • To stick labels on plastic wrap, foil or paper
  • To label cardboard boxes of meat and other products to be stored in the freezer



Daydots Dissolvable Food Rotation Labels

Daydots Dissolvable labels dissolve completely within seconds when immersed in water of any temperature

  • Cleanup time is reduced by eliminating adhesive buildup and residue
  • Dissolving paper will not clog sink or dishmachine drains


Dissolvable Daydots are the best solution

  • When adhesive buildup is an issue
  • On any washable container
  • In cool, dry environments