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Daydots Tamper Evident Labels & Seals | Ecolab Food Safety Solutions

Daydots Tamper-Evident Labels

Delivery is a fast-growing trend that can help you grow your business. But it does introduce a new set of challenges, including assuring that customers are receiving the same safe food that they would while dining in your restaurant. Daydots Tamper-Evident Labels assure your customers that delivered food is safe and secure, whether you use in-house or 3rd party delivery services.


Download the Daydots Tamper-Evident Flyer.



What are Tamper-Evident Labels?

  • Adhesive labels that secure take-out and delivery packaging
  • Easy to open but difficult to remove
    • Pre-cut slits
    • Fast-setting adhesive
  • Adheres to a wide variety of disposable food containers
tamper evidence labels and seals on food delivery packaging

deliver safe food with tamper evident labels

What Makes them Tamper-Evident?

When removed, these labels will tear along the pre-cut lines, providing clear evidence that the food has likely been tampered with.


Secure Virtually Any Food Delivery Container with Daydots Tamper-Evident Labels

Available in 3 sizes to secure food delivery bags, boxes, and containers of all size.


Daydots Tamper-Evident 3" Label


Daydots Tamper-Evident 2"x4" Label


Daydots Tamper-Evident 2"x6" Label


Ecolab offers take-out solutions to help protect your customers and your brand. Shop Daydots 3" Hot/Cold, 3" X 2" Take-Out Labels and HOTBAG Food Delivery Bag.