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Foodservice Food Contact Guidelines | Ecolab Food Safety Solutions


Ecolab recommends that customers take the following steps based on the Covid-19 risk profile of their operations.

clean and sanitize kitchen surfaces procedures

Standard procedures if there has been no known outbreak in your geographic area:

  • Clear surfaces of objects, food debris and other items.
  • Wash the surface using a multi-purpose cleaner or manual detergent.
  • Rinse with clean potable water using a clean cloth and allow to air dry.
  • Sanitize surface with food contact sanitizer according to label directions for use.
  • Follow standard operating procedures for washing items in the dishmachine.

Remediation procedures if there has been a publicly declared outbreak in your facility or region and is disrupting normal business:

  • Follow your standard procedures to sanitize ware through low-and high-temperature dishmachines or a 3-compartment sink.
  • Change out utensils in buffet line on a more frequent basis.
  • Consider the addition of a disinfectionstep using an EPA-registered product with an emerging viral pathogen or coronavirus claim. Refer to product label for directions for use. Before putting back in service, continue with STANDARD PROCEDURES(i.e., wash if needed, rinse, sanitize in 3-compartment sink or process in dishmachine).


  • Provide Personal Protective Equipment (e.g., gloves, gowns) as directed by local and federal authorities for employees and infected individuals.
  • Reinforce all personal hygiene requirements, with special attention to hand hygiene. Refer to food code and hand hygiene procedures.
  • Perform training to reinforce cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection procedures.
  • Verify dishmachine has product before use.
  • Follow all guidance as directed by public health authorities, especially in regards to food handling via take-out or delivery or room-service.
foodservice personal hygiene

Specific touchpoints

Food Contact: tables, ice machine/bucket and scoop, food prep tools and equipment (e.g., cutting boards, knives, mixing bowls), plates and flatware, glassware, buffet serving trays, handles of all the equipment doors and operation push pads, highchairs, bar top and tools.

For the most up-to-date information, please refer to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization or your local health authority.