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Top Things You Can Do to Enhance Your Food Safety Program

By Ruth L. Petran, PhD

As a restaurant owner or manager, you’ve taken steps to train and encourage employees to practice the best procedures to ensure your restaurant is storing, preparing and serving food that is high quality and safe. It is important to remain vigilant and continually enhance your culture of food safety.

As you work toward making food safety practices simple and part of your culture, consider implementing some of these best practices described in the articles listed below.

Beyond FIFO - Part 1: Regulations for Food Rotation and Labeling

Learn how practicing proper labeling and First in - First Out procedures can help save you money and ensure the food you serve is safe.

Beyond FIFO - Part 2: Challenges around FIFO and How to Label

Find out how having a consistent labeling program is critical to a successful food operation.

Beyond FIFO - Part 3: Tips for Training and Food Labeling for Success

Here are some guidelines that can make for easier, more effective food labeling and rotation, and tips for effectively training your staff on FIFO practices.

Food Temperature Control Best Practices

Find out some best practices around food temperature control in this article.

Hand Hygiene Best Practices

Learn how a strong hand hygiene program is essential for food safety.

FOOD QUALITY: It All Starts with a Clean Plate

Learn how maintaining proper high dishwasher temperatures helps ensure the food you serve is safe.