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Cleaning For Safety and Shine

One evening I was in a hotel kitchen preparing for a three-compartment sink station staff training session scheduled for the next morning. I filled the sinks with hot, soapy water, measured the sanitizer solution, and established a plan for how my training would take place.

As I unplugged the sinks to drain them, I heard a gushing sound coming from under the first sink. To my dismay, the water pressure from the draining sinks was too much for the grease trap piping. It sprang a major leak and began flooding the kitchen. Since it was late at night, no staff was around to help. So I threw some nearby towels onto the floor and looked frantically around this unfamiliar kitchen for any tools that could help mop this mess.

On the other end of the kitchen was a small utility room containing all of the equipment I needed. This was a lifesaver! Mops were hung neatly on holders, there were two mop buckets, and there was even a squeegee I could use to pull water into the floor drains. The floor was cleaned in no time.

Thankfully, a major disaster had been averted. I had a new appreciation for having proper cleaning tools handy whenever and wherever they're needed - not only in an emergency situation such as this, but for everyday use.

Be sure you have a designated area away from food preparation/storage areas to store all:

When it comes to storing cleaning tools in a commercial kitchen, the old adage "a place for everything, and everything in its place" rings true. Maintaining a proper storage area for all your cleaning tools helps ensure that you are fully stocked and prepared for any cleaning situation or mishap you might encounter.