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Restroom Accessories & Supplies | Ecolab Food Safety Solutions
foodservice commercial restroom supplies foodservice commercial restroom supplies

Restroom Accessories & Supplies

A clean and fresh restroom makes a great impression on your guests and helps create positive reviews and repeat customers. Ecolab has a wide selection of commercial bathroom products & accessories designed to keep your restrooms clean, safe, and odor-free.


Urinal Screens

Urinal screens don’t just prevent splashback--they serve as the first line of defense against restroom odors.

gem 2.0 urinal screen restroom supplies

Gem 2.0 Urinal Screen

Our most economical offering. Anti-splash spikes and service reminder tabs set the Gem 2.0 apart from typical entry-level screens. Lasts up to 30 days.

tidal wave urinal screen

Tidal Wave Urinal Screen

The Tidal Wave doesn’t just mask odors, it eliminates them. It contains billions of beneficial bacteria that consumes odors and helps keep drains clean and clear for up to 60 days.

splash hog

Splash Hog

The ultimate in splashback prevention. The Splash Hog is 18 inches long and features hedgehog-like spines, providing maximum coverage for the both the back and the bottom of the urinal. Lasts for up to 60 days.


Air Fresheners

Whether you prefer active or passive air fresheners, Ecolab helps keeps your restrooms smelling great.

keep restrooms smelling nice

Easy Fresh

Because the cover is the air freshener, Easy Fresh has the most exposed surface area of any refill resulting in maximum fragrance release. Easy Fresh is programmed so that as the fragrance evaporates, the fan spins more frequently keeping the room smelling just right. Each refill includes a fresh battery. Fan unit sold separately. Replace every 30 days.

freshen bathrooms with Eco Bowl Clips

Eco Bowl Clips

The Eco Bowl Clip contains 30 times more fragrance than the standard rim-stick and releases a consistent fragrance load over 30 days. Perfect for toilet bowls and tanks, the versatile design allows for it to be clipped almost anywhere.


Floor Mats

Stained and slippery floors aren’t just unsightly, they can create a dangerous slip-and-fall hazard. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution.

catch and neutralize urine splatters

P-Shield Urinal Mat

The P-Shield Urinal Mat catches and neutralizes urine splatters for up to 60 days, twice as long as many competitive products. Made from recycled materials.

help reduct restroom orders with antimicrobial urinal mat

Premium Antimicrobial Urinal Mat

This Premium Antimicrobial Urinal Mat is made of anti-microbial polypropylene fibers that inhibit bacterial growth and are fast-drying for the ultimate in odor reduction and slip prevention. The backing is designed to grip the floor and keep it in its place. Upscale, carpet-like appearance. Replace every 30 days for best results.

keep restroom clean and dry  with anitmicrobial-sink-mat

Premium Antimicrobial Sink Mat

The Premium Antimicrobial Sink Mat is made from the same materials as the Premium Anti-Microbial Urinal Mat, this mat is ideal for keeping floors clean and dry near sinks, soap dispensers, hand driers, and towel dispensers.


Let Ecolab help you keep your restrooms clean, fresh and presentable with our selection of commercial bathroom accessories and supplies. Browse through our entire line today.