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Daydots Food Rotation Solutions | Ecolab Food Safety Solutions

Daydots™ Food Rotation Labels help you serve safe food every day. In 1985, Daydots introduced the first ever color-coded, day-of-the-week labels to the foodservice industry. Since then, the day-of-the-week colors have become an industry standard and are key identifiers for food rotation in every restaurant.



Daydots™ Food Rotation Solutions

Helping you Reduce Food Waste, Save Labor and Maintain Food Quality

Labeling is critical for the safety of foods, and ensuring food safety is critical to protecting your brand. In some cases, food looks fine, but date-marking food appropriately with Use-By dates is the only way to ensure that food is used within safe limits before bacteria or other pathogens have grown to dangerous levels. Daydots™ labels play an integral role in ensuring the food you prepare is safe to serve and safe to eat.


Why Daydots Food Rotation Labels?

Exceed minimum standards: meet and exceed the minimum labeling standards required by the FDA Food Code.


Improve efficiency: employees can quickly and easily identify which foods need to be used or discarded.


Increase accuracy: pre-printed labels help guide employees to write down all the critical information necessary for labeling foods according to code.


Reduce food waste: keep food quality high by rotating foods properly and serving them within the appropriate time frame before they expire or spoil.


Improve safety: foodborne illness risks can be significantly reduced by ensuring food is labeled and stored properly.


Stay in compliance: masking tape or inferior labels leave adhesive residue after being washed, which is a critical violation on your health inspection.


Beyond Safety: Serving the Highest Quality Food

You not only want to serve food that is safe to eat, you want to serve the freshest food possible— because when it comes to taste, quality is important. Freshness, wholesomeness, taste, color, aroma and appearance are all integral to the quality of food. Even when food smells bad, tastes sour, or turns strange colors, it may not make someone sick, but that lack of quality is usually what impacts customer satisfaction and repeat business. Daydots labels help ensure you always serve the highest quality, freshest, and best tasting food possible.