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Daydots labels help simplify the food rotation process by prompting employees to write in the Use-By date and leaving no adhesive residue.
Some foodservice operators use masking tape for food rotation because they think it is a less expensive solution. The reality is that masking tape is difficult to control, often drives up actual costs and may result in difficult-to-read and inconsistent labeling.
It's because of the cross-contamination risk that tape adhesive residue creates. Sticky residue can harbor bacteria, and the cross-contamination risk occurs when adhesive residue on the outside surface of a pan contacts the clean inside surface of another pan when the pans are stacked. This can result in a critical violation if observed by the health inspector.
Only the highest quality materials are used to make our labels. Available in four adhesives, Daydots are suitable for any application you need.
dissovable   duralabel   superemovable   coldtemp
Dissolvable™ paper labels dissolve in any water temperature.   DuraLabel™ plastic labels are removable even after going through the dishmachine.   SupeRemovable® paper labels are value-priced, but must be removed before washing.   Cold Temp™ paper labels have a permanent adhesive that is ideal for cold temperature storage.
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