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Item Number : 60715-20-00
Turns black when the surface temperature reaches 160F as required by the 2017 FDA Food Code.  Note that this measures the surface temperature, not the final rinse temperature.
Ecolab Premium 160F Dishwasher Labels
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This label is designed to be affixed to the surface of a dish or pan and then run through the dishmachine for a regular wash cycle. &nbsp;Each individual sensor will turn black when the specified surface temperature has been reached. Sensors representing temperatures that have not been reached will remain white. Keep labels for record keeping after removal.<br/>
Ecolab Premium 160F/170F/180F Dishwasher Labels
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These non-absorbent aprons are the low cost for frequent apron changes.
Poly Aprons 1 Mil
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Item Number : 60715-20-00
Save time and money! By using PLATESCRAPE to pre-clean your plates, you can reduce your water usage by up to 93% compared to the average spray nozzle. Reduces pre-scraping time by up to 40%. The heavy-duty nylon brushes can remove even the toughest dried on foods without damaging your plates.

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  • High-temperature, commercial, dishwasher-safe plastics
  • FDA approved plastic/BPA free
  • Extra thick walls and reinforcing ribs provide superior strength
  • Heavy duty nylon bristles provide long-lasting strength
  • Slide-on bracket design for quick and easy brush assembly
  • Ergonomically designed release tabs for simple disassembly
  • Width 11"
    Length 17.25"
    NSF Certified Yes
    Height 12"
    Product Type Scrub Brush
    Capacity in Gallons 4.5
    More Information Cleans round/oval plates up to 14” diameter and .75” thick
    Filled Weight 42.5 lbs
    More Information Cleans rectangular/square plates up to 16” long and .75” thick
    Empty Weight 4.5 lbs

    warewashing is easier quicker platescrape

    The new PlateScrape helps make warewashing quicker, easier, and more effective, while helping you comply with FDA Food Code requirements.

    PLATESCRAPE benefits:

    • Reduces your water bill
    • Lowers your energy costs
    • Pre-cleans plates in less time
    • Drier, safer floors
    • Happier employees
    • Completely portable--can be used in the Back of the House and on catering jobs


    How PLATESCRAPE Saves You Money

    Estimated Cost of Pre-Sanitizing 200,000 Plates

    platscrape cleans dishes and saves money platscrape cleans dishes and saves money

    *Data provided by FSTC third party lab tests. Actual savings will vary.

    Savings can exceed $1,300 every year!


    Reduce spray nozzle use

    Spray nozzles use up to 5 gallons of heated water per minute. The PLATESCRAPE is 3rd party tested to pre-scrape plates up 40% faster and use 93% less water than the average spray nozzle. This not only saves you time and money, it’s environmentally sound.



    Built to Last

    The PLATESCRAPE brushes quickly removes stubborn egg, cheese, and dried sauces. Depending on use, the brushes will clean over 500,000 plates without replacement providing years of reliable use. All without damaging even delicate china.

    clean dishes safely in foodservice kitchen

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