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Money Down the Drain

Is your staff trained in good receiving practices to prevent food waste from happening in your facility? Read about the importance of establishing proper receiving procedures in your operation in this informative article from our resident food safety expert, Cindy Rice.

Counting Down The Days

All refrigerated Potentially Hazardous Foods (PHF) must be used within 7 days of preparation. However, too many people get tripped up on counting the days, and the most common question becomes “What is Day 1?”

The Importance of Proper Strorage of Floor Cleaning Tools

Cindy Rice, our resident food safety expert, shares a personal story that highlights the importance of properly stocking a foodservice kitchen with the right cleaning tools and always having them within easy reach.

Cleaning For Safety and Shine

A clean and sparkling restaurant operation makes a valuable impression on customers, showing them that the restaurant cares about the quality of their food and safety itself. A conscientious cleaning program is critical not only to protect foods from contamination for safety reasons, but for the quality of the dining experience itself.

Fresh off the Grill