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NOROVIRUS: Help Reduce the Risk in Your Restaurant

Norovirus is known for causing outbreaks of illness among large numbers of people. Since norovirus was first identified in 1968, it has increasingly been traced to restaurants, catered meals, cruise ships, hotels, nursing homes, and schools. It is estimated that almost half of all food related outbreaks of illness may be caused by norovirus.


Learn more about how Ecolab works with you to find solutions that help reduce your risk of norovirus incidences and protect your reputation.

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Good Habits: Food Safety

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Cross-Contamination Prevention

Learn how you can create a food safety cutlure with these tips.

food-temperature-control Best Practices
Food Temperature Control Best Practices

Find out some best practices around food temperature control in this article.

Hand Hygiene Best Practices

Learn how developing a food safety culture is essential in your foodservice operation.


Good Habits: Safe & Clean Environments

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Biohazards Clean-up in Food Establishments

Learn more about biohazard risks and how to safely clean them in your foodservice establishment.

Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Way to Food Safety Health

Take a look at these cleaning and sanitizing tips every foodservice operation should practice.

Surface Cleaning

Learn how together, managment and employees can create a food safety culture in any foodservice establishment.


The Unwanted Patron

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What is E. coli?

E. coli is a bacteria that lives in the intestines of humans, cattle and other animals. Not all types of E. coli cause food-related illness.

E. coli Prevention

Hands should be washed before and after handling food and between handling different food items.

What Is Hepatitis A?

Hepatitis A is a contagious viral disease that causes the liver to swell. Transmission occurs primarily from direct or indirect fecal contamination.


Food Safety Solutions Buying Guides

DuraLocTM Mops Buying Guide

With a range of mop types, features and price points, find out how DuraLoc delivers in every mopping situation, in every environment.

Custom Printed Labels

Promote your brand with custom printed labels.

DaydotsTM Food Rotation Label Guide

Find out what the right adhesive is for the right environment in this guide.