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Restaurant Restroom Cleanliness| Ecolab Food Safety Solutions

Restroom Resuces

By Cindy Rice, RS, CP-FS, MSPH Eastern Food Safety

For many restaurant patrons, the cleanliness of the restroom is an indicator of the cleanliness of the entire operation. It’s only natural that a restaurant patron that visits the restroom and finds it in great condition - brilliantly cleaned fixtures, properly stocked essential supplies, clean and dry floors and well-maintained facilities – is going to have a positive impression that translates into a favorable overall experience.

Restaurant restroom cleaniness

The opposite can also be true as well. Common shortcomings in restaurant restrooms that leave a negative impression include:

  • Out-of-stock essentials such as hand soap or toilet paper
  • Stained, foul-smelling urinals
  • Inoperable or clogged toilets
  • Cold sink water
  • Poorly functioning soap dispensers
  • Wet floors around toilets or urinals
  • No signage reminding employees to wash hands

Restrooms can harbor harmful pathogens such as E.coli, Listeria, and Norovirus, and trash, soil, and grime can be hazardous and just plain distasteful.

Ecolab Food Safety Solutions offer

Keep restaruant restrooms fully stocked

You can enhance your customers’ dining experience even before they taste that first bite of food, with a little more attention and these sanitation supplies for your restrooms:

Raise the attention given to your facility’s restrooms:

  • Post a staff schedule to monitor restrooms daily for cleanliness, supplies, and unusual cleanup needs
  • Be stocked with the proper supplies to make cleaning easy for your staff, including protective rubber gloves, sturdy cleaning pads and sponges, ergonomic toilet bowl brushes and holders
  • Train staff to place importance on cleaning this zone of your operation, in line with the attention given to cleaning your kitchen and dining areas.

Rescue your restroom facilities today and create a sparkling impression in all aspects of your customers’ dining experience.