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Ecolab Foodservice Towels | Ecolab Food Safety Solutions

Cleaning and sanitizing is necessary to prevent cross-contamination of bacteria or hazards onto foods and to keep foods safe. Food contact surfaces must be cleaned and sanitized before use, and protected from contamination. Equipment and food contact surfaces must be protected from contamination.



Keep Kitchen Surfaces Clean and Safe with Ecolab Foodservice Wipers & Towels

FDA food code mandates that food contact surfaces, including cutting boards, utensils, slicers, mixers and utensils should be cleaned and sanitized after every use, after 4 hours of continuous use, or in between raw and ready-to-eat foods.


Sertun™ Rechargeable Sanitizer Indicator Towels

Sertun Towels change from yellow to blue when submerged into a bucket of sanitizing solution prepared with appropriate Quat levels. As the towel deploys Quat-based sanitizer, the towel's color changes from blue to yellow, indicating there is not sufficient sanitizer in the towel. Submerging the towel into fresh Quat sanitizing solution recharges it, turning it from yellow back to blue again.


Ecolab Heavy-Duty Microfiber Towels

Effective at deep-cleaning tasks, these heavy-duty towels are excellent for cleaning oil and grease, absorbing tough spills, wiping up heavily soiled surfaces, and even cleaning industrial equipment at the end of each day. Stronger and more durable, heavy-duty towels are superior to cotton terry towels and are washable for up to 50 washes.

  • Suitable for tougher cleaning tasks in the back-of-the-house
  • Will NOT deplete or reduce the effectiveness of sanitizer.
  • Durable: Suitable for tougher cleaning tasks in the back-of-the-house


Ecolab Light-Duty Microfiber Towels

Ideal for general purpose cleaning, including stainless steel, tabletops, countertops, glass, chairs, and food prep surfaces, these light-duty towels are superior to nonwoven wipes. They are stronger, more durable and last at least 50% longer than traditional wipes.

  • Towels may last 24-48 hours depending on use.
  • Will NOT deplete or reduce the effectiveness of sanitizer.
  • Absorbs up to 500% of its weight to pick up spills fast.


Ecolab Foodservice Towels

Absorbent with a textured pattern that helps trap and pick up food particles, these 2 oz. towels are ideal for many kitchen applications.

  • Great for use with sanitizer
  • Designed for foodservice applications
  • Easily rinsed for repeated use
  • Absorbent and fast drying