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Masking Tape vs. Food Rotation Labels
masking-tape masking-tape

Masking Tape...A Sticky Situation


Some foodservice operators use masking tape for food rotation because they think it is a less expensive solution. The reality is that masking tape:

  • Is difficult to control
  • Often drives up actual costs
  • May result in difficult-to-read, inconsistent labeling

Most significantly, the adhesive residue left on pans by masking tape increases the risks of a health code violation.


Why is Masking Tape Adhesive Residue a Health Code Violation?


It’s because of the cross-contamination risk that tape adhesive residue creates.


Sticky residue can harbor bacteria, and the cross-contamination risk occurs when adhesive residue on the outside surface of a pan contacts the clean inside surface of another pan when the pans are stacked.


This can result in a critical violation if observed by the health inspector.