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NOROVIRUS: Help Reduce the Risk in Your Restaurant

reduce-the-risk-of-norovirus reduce-the-risk-of-norovirus

Norovirus is known for causing outbreaks of illness among large numbers of people. Since norovirus was first identified in 1968, it has increasingly been traced to restaurants, catered meals, cruise ships, hotels, nursing homes, and schools. It is estimated that half of all food related outbreaks of illness may be caused by norovirus.


Norovirus Quick Facts

  • A leading cause of foodborne illness often traced back to restaurants
  • Difficult to kill and can spread rapidly in a large population
  • 61% of outbreaks from food contamination occur in restaurants (Center for Disease Control)


Norovirus Readiness Kit

Learn more about how Ecolab works with you to find solutions that help reduce your risk of norovirus incidents and protect your reputation:


Ecolab Experts on Microbes – Norovirus

Norovirus is often linked to illness on cruise ships, but it is also a major agent of foodborne outbreaks in restaurants. Ecolab Vice President of Food Safety Ruth Petran, Ph.D., discusses how what restaurant operators can do to slow its spread.