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I forgot my password? How can I find it? 
If you are trying to log in, but you have forgotten your password, click the “Forgot Your Password?” link. The prompt will then ask for the email address that you registered with us. You will receive an email with your password information.

New Account Assistance
Why am I being asked for my account number?
Creating a login for your existing Ecolab account provides you access to order history and other business information that we want to assist you with keeping confidential. FOR THE SECURITY OF YOUR BUSINESS, WE REQUIRE THAT YOU VERIFY YOUR AFFILIATION WITH THIS BUSINESS by providing information about any previous transaction you have conducted with Ecolab Food Safety Specialties. A number of documents can be used to assist with proof of identity (order confirmation, invoice, or packing list). If you do not have one of these, please contact customer service for assistance to create your login for your account at 1-800-321-3687.

How do I look up what I have ordered previously?
View your order history by going to My Account > Order History. The screen will show all previous orders from two years ago to now. You can click the “Re-Order” button to order all of the items in that order.

Do you offer same day shipping?
Standard ground orders ship within 24 hours and for any expidited orders - order must be placed by 2pm CST (Monday-Friday).

Delivery is contingent on your geographic proximity to Fort Worth, TX. For rush orders, please select Two Day Air Delivery or Next Day Air Delivery. While most orders ships within 24 hours when order was placed, orders placed late in the day or on holidays or weekends can be delayed.


How do I manage my favorites menu?
Once you are logged in, go to My Account > Favorites in order to view your favorites lists. When you’ve reached the Favorites page, you can create a list by clicking the “Create New List” button. You can add to your favorites list by clicking on the list and entering the item number and quantity you wish to add. You may also add items to the list while you shop by clicking the “Add to List” button next to the specific item you wish to add.


What is Manage Locations?
If you own or manage multiple locations this feature allows you to order for each location with one login. Each location you manage will have its own order history to simplify management of the account.


How do I manage my account?
Once you have logged in, click "My Account" to access your account information. Click "Personal Information" if you would like to change your password.


The Address Book displays the current shipping and billing address for any orders entered or click “Change Location” to enter an order for a different location. You can also click “Manage Locations” to start ordering for additional locations.  You must be able to provide account information to attach to additional locations.


From the Favorites page, you can view your favorites list, create new favorites lists, and add your list(s) to your shopping cart.


The "Order History" page shows your previous orders for the past two years. You can click the “Re-Order” button to order all of the items in that order.


See your current invoices and pay them by clicking View/Pay Invoices. The "Saved Credit Card" section allows you to add, edit, and remove your saved credit card information here. For your security, your full credit card number will not be viewable once it is saved. Also, please note that we will not save the CVV2 security code, which must be provided during checkout.